Өдөн үзэг

Bilge Kağan Brand

$ 20

Өдөн үзэг


Classical elegance. Unique luxury

There are five type of nibs made by stainless steel.
It's simple and easy to use

The glass ink bottle holds approximately 20 mL of ink, and the metal pen holder is securely attached it its side. These are weighty enough to securely hold your feather pen upright.

  • Height
  • 40mm
  • Wide
  • 238mm
  • Length
  • 96mm
  • Weight
  • Pen Height
  • 225mm
  • Feather height
  • 160mm
  • Солидог хошууны урт
  • 40mm
  • Ink glass height
  • 60mm
  • Ink glass diameter
  • 32mm
  • Sign
  • Keep out of reach of children