Bilge king or Bilge Mogylian was born in the Anshan mount in 684 and at 14 ages, he was granted as the fourth king of the Later Kingdom of Tureg state or current Republic of Turk then destroyed the state crisis and local strikes , at finally he could bring the peace and well-being life through his state. In the period of his dominance, he could franchise and run co-trade with Tan state and put the blooming foundation of the state, however he was killed by his own deputy in 734.

In the following year after he died in 735 year, established the Shining monument or Praying Church in a group area named as “Khushuu Tsaidam” located in Khashaat soum, current Arkhangai province is allowed to be one of the great historical findings still so far.

We are redesigned the Monument of the Bilge Khagan Monument in the Khushuu Tsaidam Museum in Arkhangai aimag in order to spread the cultural heritage. Also, the wax seal and quill pen used at the time are included as added as additional products within the brand.

The goal is to add another product to the brand's development.
The products will be fully representative of the brand Bilge Kagan.
The selected model was registered in the Patent and Copyright Agency on 23rd May 2017 and after the registration is placed for 9 months on the website according to the legislation for issuing international goods symbol, it is approved by Patent and Copyright Agency and appealed with the symbols.

Due to the State 53.2 of the Keeping the Mongolian Cultural Heritage as a result of the right of copying of cultural heritage issued by Parliament Member for “Khushuu Tsaidam” museum, the contract “Copying and Purchasing the cultural heritage” was made with the administration Khushuu Tsaidam” museum of successfully.